A visit to the Dutch border…

Hi all – in order to escape the carnival activities we went for a lovely walk down at the border to Holland in a place called Brüggen. We hooked up with this girl and went for a lovely walk in a near deserted place called Immenrath. Her name is Bailey and from what I understand she might come and join our pack for a while. Nothing decided yet, however I heard the boss asking all sorts of questions while we were on our round. She is supposed to be dangerous 😊  however cool as I am – I wasn’t impressed by her barking at the beginning and soon as she copped on about me being cool – all was good. At the start of the walk she

even had to wear a muzzle. Guess in the wrong hands she could be a real handful, however with us she got comfortable in no time. I will keep you posted on the matter, in a couple of weeks, we might go and visit her in Belgium (this is where she is originally from!).

So once all that was done, we went on to Brüggen and over the border to Holland. There we went for a long walk along the fields, hardly meeting anybody as they are all out celebrating carnival. You could hear the music from far away and there was shouting and all sorts going on. I was happy to be as far away as possible and we had a great time with the weather holding up nicely. We met this guy (a Labrador 1 year old) as we arrived and we had a good run around. Messing with him and barking at each other big time 😊holland-4It started to rain when we were on the way home 😊  you know when angels travel 😊  and now I am happy to be on my couch, ready for a well deserved snooze 💤  I hope you all had a great day, catch you all again soon. I am off to the girls again tomorrow, so it might be a while before you will read about us again. Until then – paws up from me 🐾

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