In the Black Forest…

Hi all – as you might have noticed I have been somewhat absent from blogging. The boss is busy at the moment and there is just not enough time to post stuff. On the other hand nothing special has happened, so there you have it.
Anyhow – yesterday we went for a long walk along the river down at the valley. In the featured image you can see the mountains of the Black Forest. The weather has been an absolute dream and it was quiet warm. Actually it was so warm – I had to make this funnyoberkirch - 4
face 😊  With the weather being so enjoyable, there was a good few people out and about. I made it my main objective to chase the ducks away 😊  oberkirch - 18The current was strong, so I didn’t go for a swim in it, it would have taken me away no doubt.

We parked near the railway line and went towards the hills, with me having a dip in the cold water 😊  every now and again. With the sun shining I was dry in no time.

There is wine growing everywhere, even at our hotel. A lovely place to stay, the boss has already written something in his running blog. Here you can have a peek of the place, a place where dogs are welcome – especially good looking Retrievers 😊

All in all it was a great walk and I was pretty pooped when we got back. I got a lovely dinner afterwards – yum yum and had a great 💤  while the boss went running. Today we are off to another adventure. We will be hiking around a place called Bottenau, it is the area around the hotel. Guess I will be dead afterwards, this hike is some 13 k long 🙃  So – might see you on the other side, if you may… Have a great weekend all – paws up from me 🐾

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