The hike around Bottenau…

We did it and let me tell you – I am so dead 😊  barely made it back to the hotel. The last k was just slow motion. Let me start from the beginning. hike - 1Here is me waiting for the boss so we can start our hike. Little did I know then 😊  however there is plenty of uphill action as you will see in the pics. I will try to give you a good idea on how it went… From the hotel we went up the hill to the first cross road and took a right there and that brought us to this little chapel called St. Wendelin. Before we got there, there was this little place and the hike started with this fantastic view.

That pretty much (the brilliant view) was the case for most of the hike though. In some of them you can even spot Strasbourg and the hills from the Vosges in the far distance. The

weather was just brilliant, not to warm and not to fresh. However with all the fur I have it was pretty warm when running up the hill. The picture with the cross is a place called – how appropriately – the black cross. It is half way to the castle of Staufenberg and offers a brilliant view as you already might have guessed.hike - 19I was pretty happy to get to the castle as I was already pooped from the first 5 k – believe me. Here you see me relaxing in the shade, while the boss went around and took some hike - 21more pictures. We sat in the sun for a good while, enjoying the view (well the boss did) while I was knocked out 😊

So here are all the pics from the castle. So after a while we went up to the restaurant and the boss had a coffee. There was plenty of people up there, however I didn’t bother and just had another snooze. There was this woman and she desperately wanted to pet me, however the boss didn’t have any of it as I needed the break for the remainder of our journey.

Before we left the castle, the boss discovered this old French delivery truck from the 60’s. It is called Melusine… whatever that might mean 😊

Here we are on the way from the castle to a place called Brandstetter chapel, the little place you see in one of the images here. From there through the Hummelswald and over to the tower of Geigerskopf. You can see how step it is… and here I was still pretty fit 😊hike - 40The Geigerskopf tower was a good point for a break again, however we didn’t stay long as the place got rather crowded after a little while. So – on the way down I found this lets say watering hole 😊  and had to have a dip of course.hike - 42The boss was not amused let me tell you and I had to go for another dip in the stream in order to get somewhat clean again… well I still looked like a 🐖  hike - 43This pic has been taken from the other side of the Geigerskopf, if you look closely you can actually spot the tower. Gives you an idea how far it actually is 😊  Just to give you an idea Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 16.33.28.pngabout our hike today… close enough to 4 hrs and some 14.26 k – so pretty impressive don’t you think? Sorry for all the pics, there was no stopping the boss 😊  Well I will be taking it easy for the rest of today, currently snoozing my head off 😊  and recovering. Have a great evening all and a lovely weekend. Paws up from me 🐾

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