Blown away at the beach…

Hi – just got back from the beach down in Lakolk and let me tell you, I got blown away by the giant hairdryer 😊 It was soooo windy…6s_beach-3We went down expecting a lot of people down there as it is Sunday after all, however it wasn’t really busy at all. Just a few cars down at the water’s edge, nothing more. Great asbeach-10
that meant more space for me…

The boss brought the big camera and you know what he is like 😊 hence all the pics of me in the dunes. We didn’t spent too much time down there as the wind really was something else, driving the sand into my mouth – which is not a nice thing believe you me.

So after a while the boss decided to leave the beach and instead head out for a bigger in the afternoon down in the woods. It will be a little more sheltered down there.

So – here are some more pics from down there, see the wind driving the sand over the ground. Anyhow – as always when it is getting back to the car, I am pretty fast getting there first 😊beach-19Have a great day all – I will catch you all a little later. Paws up from me 🐾

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