Good Morning World…

Don’t know about you guys, but don’t you think the weather this year sucks. This morning we had beautiful sunshine and it was 1º deg. warm. Jepp – you are reading this correctly – just 1º degree. The boss was brrrrrr cold on our round 😊  We went to the Høstbjerg – the highest point on the island. You might remember me writing about it on a65_morning-2one of our last visits. Making the most of the sunshine, we had a good root around the area.

After visiting Høstbjerg we went down to the baker and picked up some fresh bread rolls for our breakfast. I had one with slices of chicken breast – jummy. On the way back from there we say the girls on the way home. You can hardly see them, there is one on the lefta65_morning-12and the other – of course – on the right side of the road. The boss stopped just in case they wanted to join each other, however they stayed put 😊 and we got a lovely shot of one ofa65_morning-13them standing in the field. Hope you all will have a great day – catch you all a little later and paws up from me 🐾

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