Lunchtime between the Showers 🌨

The weather today is something else, we had rain for most of the morning. So the boss working and I was sleeping my head off 😊  When the sun came out, we opted to head out for our lunchtime walk. As you can see the clouds are moving in with more rain, soa65_midday-6we were glad to have a dry spot. When we got out onto the fields, the boss spotted this huge bird circeling the skies. It had to be a big one, imagine the height this bird is flying.

Just as well he did bring the big camera so he could get a good shot of him. Anyhow – we went through the bog onto the forbidden path that leads down towards the sea. It is not really forbidden, however dogs are supposed to walk on the leash and you know us. We didn’t even bring one. Not far in and down that lane, the sky started to close over again,6s_midday-3so we did head back in direction home. On the way home my nose had a red alert and the boss was wondering why… I had a pheasant on my radar and had to chase it off 😊  It wasn’t before long, the pheasant took flight and I returned to the boss 😊  Anyhow – now we are back home, it is pouring down from the heavens and I don’t mind a bit. It is feeding time soon 😊 I think today will be chicken breast on the menu – yum yum… Have a great day all – hopefully with a lot more sunshine than we have. Paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “Lunchtime between the Showers 🌨”

  1. Beautiful shots! It looks like you had fun there!

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    1. Thanks – it is lovely up here… between the showers 😊

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