Beach Fun…

Hi all – I know I told you yesterday that we would be leaving today, however the boss decided to put in for one additional day as the weather was absolutely brilliant.6s_beach-2It was very warm during the day and we had some 17º deg down at the beach, of course not talking about the wind chill 😊  In the afternoon we decided to go down to the beach for one last time (we are defo leaving tomorrow) and have some fun down there.

I met these 2 guys on the beach, so we had some fun together running in and out of the water all the time and messing around big time. I am pooped now but it was worth every minute of it 😊

The boss took a lot of pictures of the kite surfers and I was interested in them as well. The fly by with some speed, however I wasn’t allowed to chase them 😞 and I had to wait a65_beach-19for the boss all the time. Well guess he has to wait for sometimes – so it works both ways. Anyhow – one the way back we stopped by the horses again and some pics were taken. Ia65_beach-25was hoping to meet my friend the deer again, however this evening he was nowhere to be seen. Instead we saw one of those tasty little buggers 😋 but as we were just driving bya65_beach-27there was no way I could have hello.

I hope like me you all had a fantastic day with lots of sunshine. Tomorrow we will be heading direction rain 😞  and the forecast doesn’t look so good either. Well we were blessed with such a lovely break – guess we could put up with some rain. Have a great evening all – paws up from me 🐾

One response to “Beach Fun…”

  1. Hallo lieber Benn!
    Du hattest ja eine tolle Zeit in Dänemark mit deinem Chef! Da sind wir quasi schon etwas neidisch, zugegeben!

    Liebe Grüße senden dir/ euch
    Deedle, Fynjo und Steffi

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