It’s been a while…

I know I know… the boss has been rather busy and there hasn’t been much action worth posting about. Me spending most of my time with the girls while the boss is working 😉 However this week is different – the boss is off work and today we decided to make the most of the weather and head down to Bad Godesberg near Bonn. We have not been down there before, so it was fun to discover this new place. Our friend Adam told us where to go. Once we found parking we made our way over to the water. a65_rhein-8We walked for a good bit through the parklands, however once down near the water there was no stopping me 😊

I had to have a dip and chase the ducks. Well you see it was rather warm today, so jumping in to cool down was fun. Later we took the ferry across the river…

and went to a place called Petersberg. You can spot it just a tiny bit in the middle of the 3 a65_rhein-7hills. From there you have a lovely view over the valley and down to the river.

We had a bite to eat up there and stayed for a good while. I was pretty pooped from all the swimming I did and delighted to just rest. So – all in all a wonderful day for us, something to write about and share with you guys. Hope you all enjoy it. Have a great evening and catch all again real soon. Paws up from me…

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