Our Evening Round…

Our Evening Round…

After the boss came back from his round on the bike… he met up with his friend Adam at the same place we went yesterday 😊bike-3
and all the thunder and lightning going down in our place had passed, we went on a lovely evening round down at the lake. The air had cooled down a bit, however we still had some 22º deg – which was nice for the evening.evening-4We parked over on the far side and took the walk across the field, where all the bunnies live :o)evening-3and I had to have a good roll around in the wet grass. The boss didn’t mind as he knew that I would go for a swim later anyway :o)evening-2At the end of the field we took the short cut over to the dog park, hard to believe that in early days the boss had a hard time convincing me to join him on the under carriage. I never think about it these days, which is great I think.evening-5As you can see there wasn’t many people around, the rain had cleared most of them away. evening-6Once over on the other side I went straight down to the water for a swim and I enjoyed it immensely.evening-7We went to the end of the dog park, turned left and crossed the bridge. Of course the boss had to take a pic of me. So to make it a real good shot I stuck out my tongue :o)

On the way back the sun started to set and painted everything in a golden colour. evening-10Close to getting back I made all the geese jump into the water, couldn’t resist that.evening-11So – here is the rest of the pics – hope you like them. Have a great evening all and catch you all again little later. Paws up from me 🐾

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