Down South…

in the Black Forrest. Yes – we are down there again, however first things first. This morning we went to visit the accountant in a place called Bocholt. They have a dog as well – it’s a Ridgeback and he always leds on being the boss. However one growl from meblack_forrest
and he knows where his place is 😊 Funny though as next time he will try again… Anyhow they were talking about stuff while we had a good sniff around the garden and a peeing contest 😊 After we left to head down south, some 480 k to go and with temps around the 35º deg it was everything but funny. As soon as you turn off the car, it heatsblack_forrest-3up instantly and turns into a sauna 😊 So – with this in mind the boss was on the look out for a place where I could go for a dip in the water in order to cool down a bit. black_forrest-2So we stopped at this place and I had a swim in the lake. From there it was only an add hour to our hotel. When we got to Oberkirch, we stopped down at the stream and went for a little walk, however it was again just too warm to stay out in the sun for long.

So – we took it easy. Up at the hotel they were already waiting for us and I got a treat for being good and waiting at the reception 😊 black_forrest-8We got a room with a view, the Black Forrest in the back. So now we are just waiting for it to cool down a bit and then go for a walk. Have a great evening all – catch you all little later – paws up from me 🐾

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