Our Evening Round…

once the sun started to set, we set off to our evening round. We went up the hill to the little church – no not the one in the picture – that is just a chapel by the road. 😊eveningThe temperature was still in the high twenties, so we took it easy going up that hill. It was nice to have this beautiful view right up to the far mountains (Vosges) in France.evening-4Further on up and around some bends, we spotted that little church in the distance. I was always to trying to head back 😊, however the boss wanted to go and see the church.evening-10So – here are some pics from our walk up there… you see me lying there pooped from the walk 😊

We met a couple of people on the way back and the colours got even better, the more the sun was setting. I am going to bore you with some more pics, promise I won’t do that again anytime soon 😊

We met this little guy on the way back and while he was hissing like mad, he stayed while I got closer to the boss.evening-22All in all it was great to be out there… Catch you all again tomorrow – paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “Our Evening Round…”

  1. Great pictures! I love your backlight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 glad you like the pics…


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