and yes once again it was very hot…day-14The boss had his meeting in Strasbourg and while it was rather nice and cool on the inside of the building, the above picture shows the temperature when we got back out to day-10the car. Unbelievably sticky out and then the boss decided that we had into town and have a look around the cathedral.

and that is exactly what we did. Mad idea if you ask me – we had a walk around the cathedral. day-8While we were walking around the center of Strasbourg, we found this little place with some water spouts. So I had a good drink and the boss poured some water over me just to keep me cool.😊day-7We spent some time there and then headed over to the cathedral again and sat down at the Cafe Kammerzell – a coffee place just opposite the cathedral. A lot of tourists about and I was delighted that we sat at the back, so not many people would come and pet me 😀 As it was too warm, we opted to leave for the hotel and I had some food and a good snooze afterwards.💤

In the evening, when the sun was about to set – we set out and did the round we did yesterday. We walked up the hill, however from there took a right turn as the boss wanted to have a good look around the other you guys all had a fantastic day, catch you all again tomorrow. Have a good night. Paws up from me 🐾

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