The trip home…

Hi all – just a quick update about our trip home yesterday. As the temps were to rise once again, we opted to leave Strasbourg after the meeting. I slept through most of it, they have air-conditioning 😀 which made the snooze even more comfortable.

Anyhow – before heading over to Strasbourg we stopped down by the stream and spent some time there. Of course I had to have a dip in the cool water straight away. There is a video of me relaxing in the stream.
On the way back the boss decided to head down national road instead of the boring motorway, which meant we would have an additional stop somewhere on the way. This place is called Bacherach and is a famous German wine area. This place also has thebacharach_6s-11obligatory castle on top of the hill 🙂 as nearly every little place along the Rhine has. Needless to say that my first way was to the water for a dip.

The water was sooooo refreshing – you have no idea. The boss threw a couple of sticks in to the water for me to fetch. That was fun – the rest of the break we walked around the promenade and soaked up some of that peaceful atmosphere, the place offered. After

a while of relaxing – sitting on the bench watching the world go by :o) we went back to the car and continued our way home. By now the temperature had dropped a good bit down to 25.5º degrees, so the boss turned off the air-conditioning in the car and we drove with the windows down enjoying the cool breeze :o)oberkirch-3So – that’s all from me – hope you enjoyed the read. As it is hot again today, we will be off to the dog park soon I guess. No doubt there will be more from me later :o) Have a great day all and paws up from me 🐾

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