An update…

Hope you guys all have a great weekend so far, here is a little update of what has been happening in our little world 😊updateThings are pretty much back to normal, with the boss working again – me spending the day with the girls and so on… yesterday the boss went to the dentist to get the final treatment on some teeth. He is like new now – no just kidding, but all is good. When the boss got back yesterday and picked me up, we had a little BBQ with our friend Dirk. Johanna and the girls joined us as well and it was fun to have everybody around the fire :o)

This morning we went to get a hair cut – well one of us – and it wasn’t me 😊. Afterwards we went down to the dog park as there was a dragon boat race going on.update-3We watched that for a while and had a good long walk on the grounds. Not many dogs out and about with the weather being slightly overcast and it being cooler than the last couple of days. update-5Heading home for a well earned snooze afterwards, I just got fed now and I am ready to ramble the world again. So we will be leaving soon to go for a walk somewhere different this time 😊 Not sure where we will be heading, no doubt I will keep you posted. Have a great evening all and catch you all a little later. Paws up from me 🐾update-6

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