A visit to the vet…

no – not what you think… just a general check up and I can report all is good 😀 day-5The boss was so delighted with the progress I’ve made 😀 over the last couple of months I have lost some 3.6 kg and I am down now to 36.2 kg. You have no idea how happy the boss and the vet were with the result. So all in all everybody a happy camper…day-6Here you can see the girls giving me a butt examination 😀 didn’t really like that – however it had to be done. So – good as I am I held still as good as I could and they did the job they had to do. Afterwards we went down to the lake and I had to have a swim to cool down 😀day-2Nearby there was a family of swans with their young ones and there was some big time hissing going, however the boss made sure that all was good and the parents of the young one’s were happy and left me to my swim. They were curious all the same though, day-7in the end I had a lovely swim and the swans didn’t move at all. Have a great Saturday all, the boss will drop me off to the girls later as he wants to go running and it is just too warm for me to stay in the car. Have a good one and paws up from me 🐾

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