Busy Saturday…

Hi all – hope you all are having a great weekend so far. Here comes our update 😀Yesterday we had a busy day with all sorts of errands to run, you see the boss has been working long hours and there hasn’t been any time to organise stuff. So our Saturday had to do… In the morning we had our usual round in the woods, some breakfast for me 👍 and then we were off::: first stop was the dressmaker as the boss had left some jeans to be altered. Back to our little town, parking the car and doing all the stuff by foot. I love that part, however not so keen on walking on the leash 😞 and yesterday the boss nearly tripped over me as I was crossing his path – not funny if you ask me. Guess I have to practise a bit more walking on the leash – have to get a bit better 😀 Anyhow – we stopped at all sorts of shops, the boss even shopped for some clothes, which is unusual for him 😀after all that we finally went down to the lake and had a lovely walk down near the castle. Here is a couple of images from our round…

Afterwards the boss did the food shopping for the weekend. We went home and I had a well earned snooze 😀 Late afternoon we met our friends down at the dogpark and had lovely stroll in the grounds. More swimming done down there as you might have guessed.sat-13Hope you all have a great Sunday – catch you all a little later. Paws up from me 🐾

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