Finally back on lovely Rømø… 😀

yes yes I know… guilty as charged. I haven’t been on for a good while and let me tell you, the boss has been working like mad. There has been no running done for a good while even though one competition was done couple of weeks ago. Guess the boss will be picking up the pace once the hols have kicked in 😀 Anyhow – moving swiftly on, we got here a day early and will extend an additional day only to head down to another place in the North of Germany for another week. Trying out different places that aren’t as far away from home. You will read about it next week I guess. The sunset this evening was strange and we stopped on the damm to take a picture. You can guess the atmosphere somewhat I guess. römö_arrival-2römö_arrivalWe made ourselves comfortable and there will be ice hockey on later… so it will be a good evening for all involved. Me – I got a marrow bone for being a good passenger and while the boss is writing this… I am working on it 😀
So – have a great evening all and I will catch you all a little later… like tomorrow. Paws up from me 🐾😀

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