King Benn πŸ˜€

Hello all – I must say I had a wonderful day, plenty of action included and still managed to squeeze in a snooze every now and again.dayFirst thing this morning we had our usual round, nothing spectacular to report there. However when we got back we had some breakfast and I had my usual “Liver pate bread”… mmmmh yummy.Β day-2After breakfast it was grooming time for me. Love the brush strokes and really relax big time when brushed (as you can see here πŸ˜€). After that the boss took some time to learn some new programming skills and I had a snooze right at his feet. After lunch he decided to head out for a run and when he got back, we than went out for our afternoon walk.Β day-5We went in direction Bolilmark, where they have the highest point of the island. I did report on that on one of our previous visits. Just in case you are wondering about it…day-4yeah that little hill is it. So we did head up to the top and from there we had a good look around (not that there is much to see πŸ˜€)

Down the other side of the hill and into the woods we went…day-10so there is me waiting for the boss – again πŸ˜€Β As it was getting dark already we decided to head back to the car and go home.

All in all a good walk. Hope you guys all had fun today, catch you again tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening and paws up from me 🐾

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