It’s gonna be cold out there tonight…

We just got back from our evening walk and let me tell you, full moon (or near enough) and a wonderful starry night. Not a cloud insight meaning it will be a cold night. Maybe the first one with some frost.
Well lets start with our round this morning… plenty of sunshine and some 12º degrees  on our morning round. I had plenty of time to read some of the messages some other guys are leaving.

Once back the boss went back to his work and I had a good snooze on the deck, well making the most of the sunshine we had 😀bennWhen we went for our lunchtime round it was still sunny, so again a larger round for us. Mind you when wind was going – it got rather fresh.

Those images aren’t the best, however they give you a pretty good idea of the surrounding area here. The boss only brought his iPhone – I might add. Later on there was dinner for me, today I got carrots with my meal. Yummy – and there are no left-overs and my bowl was clean when I went to pick up my toothbrush 😀
So the boss went running late afternoon, so I used that time to have another snooze. Well a dog has got to do what a dog has got to day – right? 😀 Hope you all had a great day too! Have a wonderful night and paws up from me 🐾

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