Lakolk Beach in the morning…

and I always have to sit still for photos… see featured image 😀 actually – I’m enjoying the sunshine. We opted to go down there as we hadn’t been to Lakolk beach this visit so far and let me tell you… it was fresh enough in the wind.lakolkThe tide had just gone out, so we must have missed high water by approx. an hour or so. Wind was going a good bit and made this visit a short one, just to take a couple of shots and head over to the bakery to get some bread rolls for yummy breakfast.

What you see in the back is the island of Sylt, I know you can hardly spot it 😀 Because of it being so fresh, we went into the dunes to be a bit sheltered from the wind. Nothing spectacular to report otherwise. Just out enjoying the sunshine. Hope you all have a fantastic day and catch you again little later. Paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “Lakolk Beach in the morning…”

  1. Hi Benn. You are a lucky golden 💖 back on Rømø again. Wish you a lot of fun and fine weather. Here on Røsnæs the sun have been shining the last 2 days, so hope you also have this nice kind of weather.


  2. […] day, we were blessed with plenty of sunshine today, still it was very fresh throughout. I was out with Benn this morning down at Lakolk beach, however the cold wind didn’t make for a long stay down there. Anyhow […]

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