Our Afternoon…

This afternoon we went out to the Rømø Fire Station and took a walk around the area.afternoon-14Yeah – that is it… lets just hope they never have a fire here 😀 the one building probably given cover to a one horsepower coach. See those fully automatic doors 😀 😀 😀afternoon-12My bad – I know… it is a lovely station and well kept as it probably is donkeys years old. The boss would have gone and ask, however there was nobody about. We went down the walk way on the fare side of the station. Turned out a lovely walk…

and we met this guy on the way. He was the only horse out and about and when the went  to stroke – he got real nasty and wanted to bite. So he took a couple of pics and we left him behind. Sorry the pictures aren’t that great, it is just with such a dull day – there isn’t much one can do to make them pop. 😀

On the way back to the car we passed this old church. Dogs weren’t allowed on the premises as it also was a cemetery.☺️ So we just took a couple of pictures and went our way.

Here are some more pics from our outing, hope you’re not bored by now 😀 We will be leaving tomorrow to go to the other place in the North of Germany for the second week. Will be fun to discover a new place. Let you know how we got on. Have a great evening all – catch you all a little later. Paws up from me 🐾

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