Hammered and drenched…

Guys – as you might have read, we are in the North of Germany now for a week. The place isn’t really that nice compared to Rømø. Guess we are a bit spoiled 😀 Anyhow we cuxland-8set off in beautiful sunshine, so we took the break between showers to get out and go for a walk. We were heading towards the lighthouse when the first clouds were moving in.

Despite that the boss decided to continue the walk, even though there was a good chance of getting drenched 😀 You can see us getting closer to the lighthouse and it was still looking good for us.

This is still a good bit to the lighthouse and you can see all the blue sky is gone. Out at seacuxland-16
it was a different story. There was some of the blue sky still left. Love this shot. We finally made it to the lighthouse and we actually went up the stairs. In the meantime the wind had increased a good bit…

Of course we had to go up the stairs to see what it is like up there 😀 As you can see, I am cuxland-24not afraid and lead the way. Up there is a section where people have placed some locks,

similar to the ones at the bridge in Cologne Central Station. I didn’t stay up long and went back down, waiting for the boss while he was taking more pics 😀

On the way back home from the lighthouse, we got caught in a shower of hail stones. I had to go back to the boss and get him to lean over me, to get some shelter from the hail stones. It did hurt a good bit due to the high winds.cuxland-32It was all gone in no time, however we got hammered and drenched while out there. Not funny let me tell you. Anyhow we ran home more than we walked as we both were soaking wet. Still it was fun getting out there. Have a great evening all and catch you again tomorrow… Paws up from me 🐾

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