At the “Wattenmeer”…

This afternoon we picked up some more firewood and on the way back, we took the turn for the beach. It was raining, however we didn’t mind that much as it was only to be a short walk anyway.evening-18It is a National Park and as you can see, there is nothing and nobody allowed beyond this  point. We stuck to that and stayed on this side of the fence as good boys do – right? 😀

I must say, there isn’t much you can do with those images when there is only grey in grey colours available. Anyway – you get an idea of what the place looks like. Right down at the end – before the fence – we decided to enter the “Wattenmeer” and walk down a good bit. The tide was out, however it is dangerous to walk out there too far. You never know

when the tide comes back in. So – we went a good bit, but not to far – just in case. Of course I had to do the inevitable and have a quick dip in the North Sea 😀 or better what was left of it. While out there a large flock of birds migrating South were passing us, butevening-13
they were very high up, so there was no point in taking a picture. In any way – the birds migrating means that it surely will get colder soon.

Here is the collection of pictures of me 😀 the boss never stops taking pictures as he does

evening-17not know what I look like 😀 Here you see me heading back and as always – once it goes back in the direction of the car… I am first in line 😀 evening-19Now it is time for me to have a well-earned snooze as I have been running with the boss this morning. So I am pooped now – have a good evening all and catch you tomorrow at some stage. Paws up from me 🐾

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