Catching up with you…

Today was a fun day… the sun was shining and we had plenty of blue sky. Mind you it was fresh enough out. So we went to the same place as yesterday, even walked out into the “Wattenmeer” again. However with the sunshine all is different – don’t you agree?

The place was empty enough, so I had it all to myself 😀 and I made full use of it. The boss even took a video which you can see on FaceBook.

So here is the usual gallery of myself posing for the boss. I will post the rest of the pictures here, they are pretty much the same as yesterday just with the added sunshine.

We did the shopping afterwards and I had a super-yummy meal and a lovely treat after. Of course you only get the treat if you’re a good boy like me 😀
So later the boss did a bit of work::: guess he can’t do without… even though today we were more outside then in 😀

Now we have lit the fire as it has gone cold outside and will watch the soccer (Italy versus Sweden) and I will have a snooze 😀evening-3Hope you all have had a wonderful start into the week. Have a nice evening and catch you all again tomorrow and paws up from me 🐾

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