Good Morning World… 😀

Hope you all had a good night and slept well. Me – I was knocked out from yesterday and didn’t really wanted to get up this morning. Guess it is from the running the day before._morning We got up early enough to see the sun come up over the holiday village and took a walk past the camping over to the harbour. _morning-5
Just in time to see one of the fishing boats return from sea. They manage to turn the boat around even though the harbour is rather small and narrow. The boss took a video and I am in it as well 😀 I have of course no intention to wait and see that, so I went off to do _morning-4my own thing. The boss didn’t mind as there is nothing going here anyway 😀 just check out the main street… you don’t see a soul out._morning-9Anyhow – after checking out the harbour, we went up the dike to take a pic of this statue._morning-7overlooking the harbour. It is in honour of those who built the dike. With that done, we left for home and of course – breakfast. Hope you all have a great day, not sure what we are up to today. Let you know in any case. Paws up from me 🐾

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