Afternoon Round…

Well – this afternoon we went out and little did I know – we did a huge round and went out for 2 hours 😀 When we got out the door you could actually hear the noise from the migrating birds. So we opted to actually go down and see them.dorum3You can hardly see them, however those dots in the sea are thousands of birds having a break 😀 Here are some short videos. This time we went to the right of the lighthouse, while still up on the dyke and I had plenty of time to play with the mice and inspect the grounds. In one of those pictures you can see how far on land the water got during the last storm.

It was fun having the place to myself and the closer we got to those birds – the louder they became. The water was out, however this time we stayed on land to avoid disturbing the birds.dorum9While we were walking towards the shore line, there was a steady coming and going of birds and some of the flocks were rather large.

Here you can see how far we went in order to get to the spot you can above.dorum10Of course from all the running I was a bit warm, so I took the liberty to cool down in my own personal bath 😀 The boss didn’t really mind, we are well equipped with the hose dorum12outside the house. It was a good walk down to the lighthouse and I left more messages all

over the place 😀 When we got there we went over to have another look at the building,dorum15since it is our last day and I guess we wanted the most of it. While out there, the boss took some more pics of me with the locks. Once that was done, we went over to the

harbour and have a closer look at the fishing boats.dorum19
All in all I had fun on our walk and was pretty knackered when we got home.

I hope you all had a good day so far, tomorrow we will be leaving for home 😉 only to leave again for France on Sunday. Well – there is no rest for the wicked I guess. Have a great evening all. Paws up from me 🐾

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