An afternoon with the girls…

and some more friends 😀 We are finally home again and life is ever so slowly coming back to normal – well somewhat. Off again tomorrow…
BenninatorYesterday morning our round through the local woods, I had to read all the messages and leave replies all over the place 😀 not an easy job when you’ve been away for some time. The place looks great though, with all that colour.

We did do all sorts of things over the day in order to get shipshape after the holidays and in the afternoon Johanna and the girls came along to join us and the group for a walk down by lake. That was fun and we did a lot of running around and fun-fighting 😀 There was an incident just before we came to the grounds, Aramis and Tole (both very friendly dogs) got bitten by another dog. Nothing drastic – still not nice for the two of them. I believe they both got a hole in the skin, so we hope that they will get better soon. All in all a fun afternoon out, great that the girls and Johanna were there to met all the other members and their dogs. We are off now to run some errands, so probably catch you later. Have a great day and paws up from me 🐾

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