In the snow… 😀

Hi all – today we took the scenic (B28) route up the mountain of the Black Forrest, to a place called Freudenstadt. The boss interviewed the woman in the hotel and she said that there might be some snow up there. So imagine my surprise when I got out of the car and it was white all over 😀 While the boss was putting on his boots, I inspected the _snow-2place. While the boss had to be packed in with all-sorts 😀 I was running all over the place. It has been a while since I was in the snow._snow-3We took the way opposite of where we parked the car and walked up there into the winter wonderland. There was snow everywhere I looked and the whole place was covered in it – simply cool. I enjoyed every moment out there and as you can see in the

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slideshow – the boss took a lot of pictures 😀 of me. I was rolling around in the snow a lot

and had a ball while doing so. When we were walking down the hill we came across this alien-like creature… that must have been built by the people being there before us._snow-29This strange looking little guy was waiting for us by the side of the way 😀 and of course I  had to place myself next to it. We had the place to ourselves as there was nobody about in the woods. So I rummaged around at my hearts content, the boss didn’t mind anyway. There is even a couple of videos of me, you can check them here

As we were kinda high up, there was a good bit of wind going and that might it quite cold while up there. So the boss had to be covered up while out there, here is a rare image of _snow-38him and me 😀 out and about. I didn’t mind the wind so much, as I had plenty to discover and run around. Really had a great time in that white stuff…_snow-39Anyhow – after some time out in the snow, I had to get my paws cleared from the ice cubes that had been building between my toes. So it was time to head back to the Benn mobile and get warmed up again. Here is some more images of me, us and the forrest – so to speak.

With snow like this, christmas should be brilliant I guess. Can’t wait to see what Santa is _snow-9going to bring me. My bet it will be a new squeaky toy 😀

Back at the car we took a quick glance around the area and the boss took some more pics. On the way home, we decided to stop at a place where good Goldies get a treat for dinner 😀 and the boss bought some chicken for us. Needless to say that I got the majority of the chicken, being a good boy that I am 😀

Hope you all had a fantastic day too, I am off to a good afternoon snooze as I am pooped from all the running around in the snow. Have a good one and catch you all later, paws up from me 🐾

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