An Update…

Today was the first day back in the office for us and I of course had a good snooze while the boss was working away fixing a few things 😀 that had been left behind since our holidays. Since we were out with the girls yesterday for a good long round and the boss went out yesterday evening watching some Germany comedian and only got back latish 😀krebswe took it easy this morning. Getting out there I found this half-cluttered leftover of a ball and carried that around with me for most of the walk. While out there, we discovered one of those very rare mug trees 😀

Anyhow – after some hours in the office, we went over to the girls and picked up Amica and Bijou for the afternoon round. We drove over to a friend and went for a walk in the afternoon-10near where they live. Something completely different to the usual round and I guess they like the freedom of running around without leash – just like I do. On the other hand our friends were not so lucky… they have to walk on leash for most of the time. afternoon-12So – guess we are very lucky that way… on the other hand we all listen very well and for most of the time follow when called. Anyhow – here is a collection of images of us rooting around in the woods 😀

At the end of our round we all had to sit for a photo down by one of those mine entries. afternoon-13We didn’t really mind that much as we were all knackered from the running around 😀 So have a great evening all and catch you again tomorrow. We are off to Bocholt to visit the accountant, she is back from hospital and rehab – thank god. We might take a walk at the Dutch border, depending on how we get on with the year-end preparation. Tomorrow the Bennmobil will get new tires, so we have plenty on our plates 😀 Paws up from me 🐾

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