Along the smugglers path…

Hi all – today was an action packed day. First we went to see the accountant and I met Darjosch (Ridgeback) again. According to the accountant he was supposed to be a bit edgy – for whatever reason. We went in and all was good. Of course I went to claim one of his toys for me and when he came over to take it off me, I just growled at him once and all was sorted 😀 We met many times before, so I kinda knew how to take him. Of course the boss kept a close eye on all this – just in case 😀burlo-3Afterwards we went to a place called Burlo – we had been there before… to walk the old smugglers path between The Netherlands and Germany.burlo-4There never is much going on and we had the place pretty much to ourselves, which was great. As always I was running around like mad, reading all the messages and had the occasional visit further into the woods – just to check it out 😀

This is what the place looks like, the path is tiny and there is always plenty to discover. There is plenty of puddles along the way and it wouldn’t be me – not having a bath in them – right? 😀 The boss didn’t mind – the car is not really that clean anymore since weburlo-8brought the girls with us yesterday. We had towels in the car, so all was good and I got a good rub when we got back to it. Here you see me right at the border, the boss is still onburlo-9the German side taking the picture. There is a post showing the distance to the nearest city in Holland (Winterswijk) where Borken is the next kinda big city on the German sideburlo-10So – here we are looking back to the German side, just to give you an idea 😀burlo-11In the old days there used to be a train running between Bocholt and Winterswijk. The tracks can still be seen on the Dutch side…

and there is also more puddles on the way, which I had to check out 😀

From here it is back to the car on the other side of the old train tracks. The train was called Borkense Baan and the area is now a preserved nature plot with certain rules. One of them being that dogs have to be on the leash. Pity we didn’t bring one 😀 and anyway,burlo-18there was nobody out and about. I had the field all to myself and was pretty busy digging burlo-20for the mice that live there 😀 The rest of the walk was pretty easy, despite it being very muddy at the best of times.

When we got back close to the car, we spotted a German customs vehicle next to our car. Guess they were checking up who had parked the car there, however once they had spotted us – they drove off without bothering us.

Here is some more pictures, hope you liked my little review of our visit to the border place. I had a ball out there and enjoyed myself very much… Hope you all had a great day as well. Catch you all again soon, paws up from me 🐾

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