Thaw… πŸ˜•

Good morning all… hope you’re alive and kicking πŸ˜€
While we had blizzard like conditions while we were out yesterday:::snow-3and a lot of snow, different story today. When we came out of the office yesterday it had already started to thaw. Not nice especially the morning round was a wet one… I don’t mind so much, however the snow is much nicer. It is slushy out there…snow-4Anyhow – this morning I have seen my friends the deer. Haven’t seen them for ages and thought they’d moved on, so you can imagine my surprise. I ran up the hill to say hello, however when I got there, they had left and weren’t to be seen anywhere πŸ˜€Β snow-5Here is a rare b&w image of me from this morning. You can see in my facial expression that I don’t really want to sit still… I like action – like when we went over to the girls yesterday. There was havoc all over the place πŸ˜€snowHope you all have a fantastic day. Catch you all again little later. We’re off later to the dog park meeting friends. Should be fun and I might post again in the evening. Have a good one and paws up from me 🐾

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