Out with the girls today…

Hi all – we picked up Bijou and Amica and went down to the dog park, now that was fun. There wasn’t many dogs out as it was pretty damn cold down there, well as usual I didn’t care and went into the water for a bit 😀 It was just a short dip and out again and the boss didn’t mind – I guess. snow-2The sun was already setting, so there wasn’t much time to go and discover the park. We messed around with each other and that was great fun as we were running around like lunatics and all over the place 😀

We all were pretty pooped when getting back to the car, the boss went to do some shopping and we all got marrow bones as a treat afterwards. The boss got a 4 pack for the girls and one extra for me. I am on my bed now, pretty sleepy after the afternoon and the dinner. Have a great evening all and catch you again tomorrow. Paws up from me 🐾

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