Lunchtime Round…

Hi all and greetings 😀 We are just back from a very cold lunchtime round down at the pier down by the harbour. Even though the sun is shining, the wind chill is freakingdorumunbelievable. This time we took the car as the walkway over to the harbour is packed with people and I guess the boss was just too lazy to walk over, so we just drove. When we got out of the car – you could instantly feel that it was going to be very cold on the walk – brrrrrr…

Despite the wind chill I opted for a good role around the grass 😀 and when we got to the water front – surprise surprise – the tide was out. I decided to stay up on the pathdorum-5instead of jumping down into the mud. Guess the boss liked my way of thinking 😀 less cleaning to do when we got back to the house.dorum-4There was people out there walking like we did last time we were here. However today was just way to chilly to do that. So I didn’t get wet or dirty for that matter. Ondorum-3the way back we passed this guy flying a kite and believe me, he had to work for the fun. Some wind out there 😀 dorum-12Down in the harbour we had a quick look at the boats before heading back to the car. We’ll be out later on again, fingers crossed it won’t rain then. dorum-2Hope you all have a good day so far. Catch you all again little later – have a good one. Paws up from me 🐾

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