Fresh Morning…

Hi all – just back from our morning round and what a lovely round it was. We were out for just an hour, however the wind chill is once again – beyond funny and the boss was freezing 😀 it is his own fault for stopping all the time and taking pictures – right?dorum_mor-3As we went out the sun started to come up, so we drove down to the harbour parking and had a walk down there. dorum_morThis time the tide was in 😀 however I didn’t bother goingin to the water, it is just too cold – brrrrr…

So – here are some of the images the boss took while we were down there. Would you believe it – there was kite surfers getting ready to get into the water, just feeling cold looking at them getting the kite ready 😀dorum_mor-14One of them had already launched and was flying up and down the coast. dorum_mor-13Little later they were flying down together and they are going some speed. Still must be freezing out there – don’t you think..?

All in all it was great to be out there running around like a luni 😀 I love messing around on the beach, especially when I have the place to myself. Anyhow – cutting a long story short… here is the rest of the pictures taken. Hope you enjoy them, if not you can just delete them – haha…

Have a good day all – catch you a little later… Paws up from me 🐾

One response to “Fresh Morning…”

  1. Brrrrr I bet the wind surfers have very thick wetsuits for that water! The morning light is so beautiful in these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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