Out in the sunshine…

benn mit mütze

Today we did everything right 😀 it was grey and dull for most of the day, so you can imagine our delight when the sun came out just as we were getting out of the car.sundayIt stayed with us for most of the walk and we even had a wonderful sunset (which the boss didn’t capture I might add) on the way back to the hotel. It still was rather cloudy sunday-2and overcast, however as you can see… we had beautiful sunshine 🙂 As you might know we have been down to the river before, however this time there was plenty of current in the water… didn’t stop me from going in though 🙂

As it was tricky to get into the water I just opted for a dip and a drink. We stayed down at the water level for most of the walk and there was plenty to discover. There even were sunday-4some ducks in the water, which I wasn’t allowed to go and chase 😞 I only wanted to say hello anyway – promise… sunday-9We made our way towards the railway bridge and walked

under it as there are railway lines on top of it. The boss didn’t want me to go up there and have a look as I wanted.sunday-13Here you can see how much water was in the stream and I can assure you, the current would have taken me away 🙂 so I guess it was good to stay on dry land after all.sunday-7We went a good bit down along the river, the boss wanted to cross over to the other side via the foot bridge and that one is a good bit down.sunday-17Anyhow – we met a couple of people with their dogs, however nothing spectacular. Well the boss took a couple of nice shots of me sitting on top of the hill. Here is me King Bennsunday-15
well what do you think of me posing for the boss..?sunday-14He captured one of those rare moments of me actually sitting still 🙂
Well – on the way back we covered the other side of the river, even more boring for me if you ask me.sunday-19This pic has been taken while crossing the foot bridge, our turning point of the walk. sunday-20The bridge on the way back still had those high water signs up, so it must have been not so long ago. Guess you can still see the high water mark in some of the pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you all had a good Sunday so far, soon we will be off to the restaurant where the boss will once again order “Wiener Schnitzel” 🙂 and I might only get some potatoes… Have a lovely evening all and catch you all again tomorrow, our travel day home. Paws up from me 🐾

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