Good Morning all… ☀️

just back from our morning round in beautiful sunshine, however it is freezing out there. Take my word for it 🙂 You can just see the frost on the ground a bit… cold_morning-6Well – I don’t mind so much… I have my winter fur that keeps me warm, even if I go into the water with the girls (like we did yesterday) I am not cold at all 🙂cold_morning-3Anyhow with Johanna being away down South Germany, we just took the Leonberger girls with us down to the dog park. Of course we had to mess around a lot, the girls

have been in the garden for most of the day. So – they needed to get some running and fighting exercise as usual 🙂 I fought with Bijou and managed to bite one of her legs, now that was fun. Well – it is all play-fight anyway, so no blood anywhere, I can assure you 🙂cold_morning-5Anyhow – back to this morning (after me having a lovely long snooze) we did the morning round and it was just brilliant 😀 We saw the hawk again and this time hecold_morning-4 flew away only at the last minute 🙂 He is a big lad, we saw that when he took off. That pretty much sums up our morning round. We have some errands to do today and will pick up the girls again later on this afternoon. Maybe this time the boss will bring the big camera to get some proper shots of us messing around 🙂 So – hope you all will have a great day and I will catch you again little later. Paws up from me 🐾

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