The old military grounds…

Greetings from my couch 🙂 are you enjoying the weekend? Well I can tell you that I had a ball with the girls today. We went to the old military grounds in Wuppertal, a place called “Scharpennacken”. We brought Johanna and the girls and we had an absolute ball. This place is so big – and all dogs run without leash. Simply paradise if you ask me 🙂scharp-3Here you see the far end of the area and it took us a good while to get there. This side ofscharp-2the place was without snow and ice as you can see… however we crossed over to the other side and there was plenty of snow and ice. Mainly because it has shade for most of the day. We messed around in the snow…scharp-11and even went for a dip in the little stream 🙂 and I got a new pair of socks… made from scharp-7the finest mud available. The boss didn’t really mind, guess it’s all about us having fun 🙂

Anyhow – it was great to discover a new place, especially having my friends with me and running around with them. So I hope you all had a fantastic Saturday, I leave you with the rest of the images. Have a good evening and catch you later. Paws up from me 🐾

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