At the dog park yesterday…

Hi all – just a quick update on yesterdays round down at the dog park. When we got down there, we hooked up with a rather large group of dogs. There was a lot of growling and barking going on. All while we were messing around like mad 🙂dogroundWe all had fun and that was the main thing. Of course there had to be some running around in the freezing water as well 🙂 Bijou and Kerry did a bit of messing with thedoground-6ducks and swans, nothing drastic as the boss wouldn’t let them get too close. There is a lot wildlife on this side of the river as the other side is frozen solid. I will leave you with some more images from the round. We will be bringing the big camera as we organised to meet up again this afternoon. Should be fun and I am looking forward to

hook up with my friends again 🙂 Catch you a little later – paws up from me 🐾

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