Meeting Friends…

Good evening all – what a fun afternoon I had. Let me fill you in on it 🙂 We met up with the 2 Hovawarts, Inca and the street dogs Momo and Laika as well as Deedle and Finyo… We were such a big pack and there was plenty of action.sun_dogpark-37We brought the girls and the boss brought the big camera, guess you can see the difference in the pics 🙂 Here is beautiful Bijou close upsun_dogpark-4and there are some more of those right here…

So every minute we were out there, there was more dogs coming to greet us and play with us… The girls weren’t really that impressed with the visit of the Husky guy 🙂 as  sun_dogpark-6you can see here…sun_dogpark-10Down at the water there was even more dogs running around and of course we had to go down and inspect what was going on…sun_dogpark-13Once down there, of course we had to take a dip in the cool stuff. Wouldn’t you know it

All the time we were out there, the place was packed and even more dogs arrived.sun_dogpark-15This guy was as big as the girls, so I had to go down there and see what he was made off. He was very gentle guy, we greeted and went our ways.sun_dogpark-17See how big he is, what a lovely fellow to meet and greet.sun_dogpark-20Of course Bijou and Amica never leaving a chance to get cuddled, even though they were wet. More running around done after the bath 🙂 as you can see – we are alwayssun_dogpark-21on the go… Here is a good few of the pack and Pepper right in the middle of it. Just in sun_dogpark-22case somebody is dropping some treats. Here is another shot of lovely Inca 🙂sun_dogpark-24Didn’t I post something this morning about King Benn, well there you see me standing sun_dogpark-26on the bench overlooking the crowd from up there 🙂 Here is a compilation of Bijou and can’t think of the name of this dog having a tug o war. They’re at it for ages.

It was a great round and everybody had a ball. Unfortunately some people had to leave early, so the last round we just went with reduced numbers. Well not to

worry as there was still enough dogs and people to mess with 🙂 Bijou of course having to mess with a Husky and they both had fun.

All the time we were out there, we watched the cranes coming back from the South. The boss tried to capture them as good as he could. In one image you can even spot a plane nearby. Amazing…

I am exhausted now and ready for beddies 🙂 as you can imagine. I will leave you with a slide show of all images taken, hope you enjoy it. Have a great evening all and a good start into the new week. Can you imagine it is nearly Easter – time flies when you’re having fun. Paws up from me 🐾

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