Mid Week Adventure…

Hi all – today I am reporting right from the middle of the week. The boss came home early today and after a good feed, we picked up Johanna and the girls and went on a little adventure 🙂adventureJohanna took us to this place called Muttental. We had been there before, however we never went this route. We visited the castle ruins of Hardenstein, you might remember.adventure-2However it is much more fun with all of us. There is a couple of images of us in the ruins,

routing around in the grounds. Now that was fun alright, however the good part was the next one… down at the water 🙂 This is one of the few times I was able to fetch my ownadventure-7toy, the boss brought along for me. Kerry all of a sudden took up retrieving as well 🙂 even Johanna said that she wouldn’t do it. Here is proof that it is not the case, she did itadventure-8really well, only having problems getting out of the water. The others would stand in the way and tried to take the toy of her. Just as well the boss was in charge 🙂 We left theadventure-9water for even more fun, running around in part of an old quarry, climbing up and over trees of all sorts 🙂 Have a look at that tree right at the edge of the cliff, now that would make some noise I guess 🙂

As this area – where we live – is the old mine area, you have all sorts of entries into the hills. Most of them are closed of course, however I had to have a look and see whats inadventure-13there 🙂 Well – my interest wasn’t that great, hence the quick turn around 🙂adventure-14I leave you with some more images of the girls and me and some other impressions while we were out there. Hope you like them… Hope you had a great day yourself, catch you again soon. Paws up from me 🐾

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2 responses to “Mid Week Adventure…”

  1. Hi Benn. What a great sunny day you had with your friends. I always learn history from your journey, thank you . 💖
    Hugs from Max and mamma bettina

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    1. Hi Max and Mum 🙂
      hope you guys are doing alright. Glad you liked my post, it was a fun day. We are up in Rømø next month, so looking forward to visiting your country 🇩🇰 again. Have a fantastic weekend. Hugs from us 💖


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