The local round…

Hi all – just a quick update on our activities. I have with the boss all week – was allowed to join him at work. It was fun and I got a lot of extra treats 🙂 Just in case you were wondering where I went all this time.
Anyhow – today is Good Friday and we spent some time in the garden. Cleaning up after the winter. Hopefully – we have seen the last of the cold and the snow. Fingers crossed 🙂afternoonWe went just the local round today, we haven’t done that for a while – so it was fun to read all the messages and root around the woods. Amazing how many trees had fallen down after the last storm. We went to visit the big building site, the road is closed which means that we have to use the diversion – which is a pain in the bum.afternoon-5They’re building a bigger canal for the estate above and it leads close to the cycle path into the underground. Looks cool – doesn’t it?afternoon-2So – after a close inspection of the thing 🙂afternoon-3we went on direction home as the sky turned more cloudy and it started to rain. We did stop and visit the girls as we hadn’t seen them all week. It was fun to greet them and we afternoon-6had a big messing around in the kitchen until Johanna stopped us. All in all it was a lovely round, however I am happy to be home now and ready for my couch 🙂 Hope you all had a great day too… Paws up from me 🐾

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