Back in Paradise… 🇩🇰

Hi all – we finally made it. Traffic wasn’t really that bad, however the motorway North of Hamburg is full of road works – so that delayed our journey a good bit 🙁 Other than that nothing drastic to report… other than the weather being rather dull and wet once we had passed Bremen. Anyhow – it took us just 6.5 hrs to get up here, including all the breaks we took. arrival-2The boss unpacked the car and finally it was dinner time for me 🙂 the fire was lit and the house got nicely warm and cozy. We went out for a walk round the neighbourhood,  arrival-3most of the houses are empty so we pretty much have the place to ourselves. On our round we had seen (well actually the boss did) 2 deer, a rather large rabbit and a pheasant. Funny you might say – that I didn’t spot those… however I was busy heading home 🙂 as I usually do…arrival-4As you can see – the weather is pretty desirable and the temperatures are in the singles. Crossing the border the temperature dropped to 8º degrees. The weather will change though and the forecast is for sunshine and warmer temperatures. arrivalHave a great evening all and no doubt – I will catch you again tomorrow. Paws up from me 🐾

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