Hi all – just a quick update from our lunchtime round. Went the larger round and had a look at some of the houses for sale up here.afterlunch-6There you can see me inspecting the veranda 🙂 we also went round the back and from the inside it looks like it hasn’t seen an update since the seventieth – no joke… We also went round the back of our house, only to discover that the way over to the field is now blocked off. There always was a gate that you could open, however now it is just a straight fence. So we had to go back and over to the other side, that is when the boss decided we are heading off home.

There has been another encounter with a deer – this time the boss took a video of it, however it turned too dark. Even though he uploaded it to FB and then decided to take it off again. Pity – because the guy was just standing there eyeing us up 🙂

Have a great afternoon all – catch you later and paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “Lunchtime…”

  1. Maybe you are buying a sommer house, do you can invite Max on vacation 😆

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    1. Well funny that you mention it – was thinking about it…


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