Monday Morning Blues… 🙂

Naagh… just kidding. We had a great night, for once there is hardly any wind going, which makes a nice change. When we got out this morning it was rather fresh and foggy and spring is a bit behind up here!morningSaying that – the sun has just come out and will hopefully stay for the day. Anyhow – while out there, I met those guys from yesterday evening 🙂 you have look closely to spot one of them just standing on the road.

They are not shy at all – however when I go and want to talk to them, they run away. They could just say hello 🙂

On the way home the sun tried to come out from behind the fog and the wind picked up a bit. We went to the bakery down in Havneby for some bread rolls for breakfast. I was allowed to carry them into the house 🙂 don’t I look a bit sad having to do all the workmorning-6here. Well – I threw them on the floor once in the house 🙂morning-7and as you can see… I am exhausted 🙂 To re-enforce my strength I got a liver pate bread roll for breakfast, now that was yum yum. After breakfast I got another treat…morning-8The boss got the brushes out and I got groomed. Love that a lot and always stretch when the brush goes through the fur 🙂 This afternoon we have to go across the border again and do some shopping as we had time and energy to do this yesterday. Well – it’s only a short drive to the shops. Hope you all have a good start into the week. Catch you later and paws up from me 🐾

One response to “Monday Morning Blues… 🙂”

  1. You went to the bakery, did you buy a pølse horn to your self Benn ? Enjoy your time on Rømø. Best regards Bettina und Max

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