Lakolk Beach πŸ‡©πŸ‡° on New Years Morning

Happy New Year to all of you… may it be a good one for you!

Today is a very stormy and blustery day, the wind is howling around our house like mad. We went to the beach this morning, however we didn’t stay long as down there the wind feels like you gonna get sand blasted πŸ™‚ Kiyu was chasing the ball like always and I took an easy walk around. Pretty much like most mornings, especially when we are on holidays. Nowadays I leave all the running to my new pal Kiyu… she is mad enough to constantly run around and chase the ball all hours. Which means there is less fetching for me to be done – which is good – less miles for me – right πŸ™‚

As I am writing this, the storm seems to be picking up in force. Just as well we went out earlier between the showers. Mind you – it was still blowing like mad, just getting worth now.
So – you all go and the first evening of the new year. I am off to the couch now, resting my eyes for a while. Paws up from me and Kiyu 🐾 🐾

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