Back in Paradise…

Hi all – I know I know… it has been a while since our last post and believe me – I feel bad about it 😊 well in my defense I have to say that there wasn’t much to write about. The boss has been working and I have been with the girls for the days – as usual you might say. Hence the lack of posts…
Anyhow – we are back in Denmark – drove up last night and we all are pretty knackered to say the least!

Me at the beach enjoying a leisurely stroll…

So – today we just went down to the beach and had a walk in the dunes. Kiyu was doing her usual run around and chasing the ball 😊

The weather had picked up nicely during the morning, however it was fresh enough due to the wind. I had a good run around the dunes, exploring all sides – even hiding from the boss. All in all we took it easy and recovered from the drive up. No doubt there will be more posts tomorrow. We are up here for at least a week with an option of an extension for some more days.
So – have a great evening all and catch you all again tomorrow. Paws up from us 🐾 🐾

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