Morning Round

Good morning all – we just got back from our morning round and we were kinda lucky as we didn’t get soaked. You see – it lashed down with rain before we went and while I am writing this to you… it is lashing down again. Guess you could say we picked the right time to head out.

Kiyu and the horses
Meeting the horses…

The round took us past those fellows in the field and they were kinda curious of us walking there. Guess they don’t see many visitors especially this time of year. Our estate is totally empty and we are only guests at the moment, which is great for us. We can roam around the place at our hearts desire, which is good for the mad one 😊
Anyhow – fingers crossed we will get a bit more sunshine this afternoon and the wind will die down a bit. It has been rather breezy here last couple of days. I am off snoozing now, had breakfast and for some reason I always get tired afterwards.

Our neighbors the horses :-)

The boss will be making the best of the weather and do some work as usual, while we’re having the well deserved break 😊 What a wonderful we have, being a dog has it’s advantages… Have a wonderful day and paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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