Monster Feeding Time πŸ˜Š

Hi – it’s me again… yes I know – first I don’t write or post anything at all and now you all are getting hammered 😬 have to post before I have another snooze. Well – you see here it was just feeding time and now we are both stuffed and knackered…

Carrots, Bacon, Wet and Dry Dogfood… yumm

As we just got back from the lunchtime round… no we didn’t get wet – I have to tell you something about what just happened before we got home. Literally in front of us – 2 deer jumped out of the bushes and ran away at high speed. Normally you would think that Kiyu would have gone after them, however the boss called her and good as she is – she actually came and watched those guys take off into the distance. I guess the boss must have been very proud of Kiyu and it seems that the constant training is paying off at long last. Well done Kiyu… πŸ‘


There is not much more I can report from our midday walk, other that it is still rather windy and not as cold as last couple of days. I leave you with some more shots from the grey skies and hope you are having a wonderful day. Paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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