The one from this afternoon…

Hi once again – just a quick post from our walk this afternoon. We had fantastic weather this afternoon and it was so warm, I actually had to take a dip in one of the many pools 😊

Cooling down…

This was fun and the boss didn’t really mind, you see we can stay outside and the back of the house is a real suntrap. So I am dry again in no time! Today we took another walk just behind the house and while out there little Kiyu is always on the lookout while I am always talking to the mice out there.

There wasn’t much going on out there, we just met an old man on an even older bycicle 😊 he greeted us very friendly and had a good like at Kiyu before heading down the lane.

On the way back we went off the beaten track and crossed into the wetlands, there is small little ponds everywhere you go. Have a look at the video – you can see the water everywhere. I even got to fetch the ball for once, Kiyu had to stay and the boss threw the ball for me. That was fun especially with Kiyu not being there to steal the ball from me. Anyhow – off snoozies now – hope you all had a great day, there is a few more images here. Nighty night from us 💤 💤

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