An Update..

So – how was your day today? We had a lazy day with a good long walk this morning down at the beach and nothing else in between 😊 As you can see it was rather fresh – not to say freezing out.

While we were having a good snooze, the boss was working a bit. For me it was ok not to run around and even Kiyu was quite for most of the day. You just wanted to see her when we set off – I think they call it Mad Cow Disease 😊 she got so excited that we finally went on our way.

Storm Clouds moving in…

Down at the beach the wind had picked up dramatically and there is talk of a stormfront approaching. Anyhow – we managed to get our round done in the dry, just got soaked with sand 😊 See the sand flying by, there was no way the boss could take a video due to the sound. Well I guess you get the idea.

Kiyu had fun fetching the ball and mess around in the water 😊

As I said Mad Cow Disease 😊

So I will leave you with the rest of the pics from this evening. Hope you like em. I am off snoozies now – have a great evening and later sweet dreams 💤

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